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2013: Artists that Endure

August 28 - September 19, 2013

The exhibit features a collection of paintings, sculpture and prints by Frank Gasbarro, Paula Martiesian, Len Shartle (1944 - 2012)*, Robert Thornton, Kenn Speiser and Carmel Vitullo. These six veteran artists are noted for their talent, success and longevity in the regional art world.

For twenty-eight years Bert Gallery has handled hundreds of paintings, sculpture and works on paper from artists in the past. It is hard not to reflect upon the legacy of historic artists and consider how contemporary artists are thinking and creating today in a rapidly fluctuating social milieu. Bert Gallery is fond of the historic continuum of painting, photography and sculpture. With this in mind, Bert Gallery celebrates in this exhibit five artists the gallery has continually promoted over the years. What ties theses artists together is their singular dedication and passion for “making art” despite the artistic climate or other life distractions. They “make art” day in and day out working in their studio, honing their craft, exploring their ideas in a visual media with little consideration of the consumer of their art. Stripped down to its essence, they create objects that give insight into their world and ours.

*Len Shartle sculpture is included as a memorial and celebration of his accomplishments as a sculptor and past exhibitor at Bert Gallery.