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sofa art

April 11 – June 2, 2006

There is nothing wrong with wanting art to match your couch, although a collector once told me that if the painting didn’t match the sofa, he would prefer to buy a new sofa!

Growing an Art Collection by Crista Cloutier
The Essential Phoenix/Scottsdale 2006
Intrigued by the dismissive overtone ascribed to “Sofa Art”, Bert Gallery dedicates an exhibit to that very topic. From April 11th to June 2nd, visitors can explore the various painting choices and design elements of placing paintings above a couch. The gallery is located on 540 South Water Street in Providence, RI and is open 11am-5pm Tuesday through Friday, and 12-4pm on Saturday. The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.

Art dealers shudder when nervous clients whisper, “But what do I put above the sofa?” In an ideal world, gallery owners fantasize about those seeking art for noble and pure intentions – but sometimes the practical realities just push to the forefront. For many the first forays into purchasing and collecting art are the result of a single problem: Big empty spaces above sofas haunt clients!

Visit a new exhibition attending to the many options of original art available and the various design elements to consider when hanging art. If you know what you like, learn to trust your taste and identify as well as articulate what are the elements of a painting that attract you. Design issues to be explored include: How high or low should I hang a painting? How far apart should paintings be placed? What are possible configurations above a couch? What do curators and museum installers consider when hanging an exhibit? Area designers contribute their own styles and perspectives with “design boards” based on ideas they have when hanging art in client homes. There will be a scrapbook of over 14 design boards and photos of past home installations.

This exhibit is a primer for beginners acquiring art for their home and seasoned collectors will likewise enjoy. For more information on this exhibit please call 401 751 2628. This exhibit is free and open to the public.