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Color Matters

“Why should men spend their lives searching for a perfect red, an irreproachable yellow…” Charles Walter Stetson, 1891

Bert Gallery, specializing in promoting historic and contemporary New England artists, now provides a look at color and why it matters. Energy, symbol, mood, balance…all elements to consider when a painter faces their greatest challenge, how to use color. This exhibit of contemporary and historic paintings explores the evolving language of color, what artists have to say about its role in their work and how viewers experience its meanings. This selection of multiple artists will be on display from April 26 through June 17, 2005. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11-5pm, Saturday, 12-4pm. The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday. There will be an exhibit preview and reception during Gallery Night Providence, April 21st, 5 to 9pm.

Color Matters includes local contemporary artists such as Frank Gasbarro, Paula Martiesian, and Nick Paciorek alongside important historic colorists Charles Walter Stetson (1858 – 1911), James Herbert (1898 – 1970) and Francis Hamabe (1917-2002). Color Matters is a celebration of color and an opportunity to take a step closer to understanding and appreciating it within the context of paintings. Why does an artists gravitate toward a particular color? What is the psychological impact of blue or yellow or red on a viewer? As far back as 1891, Charles Walter Stetson addresses the difficulties of using color for the artist; No one can really understand color, not even the colorist himself, it is one mystery of art, and it is a divine one. We may all, however, lay aside our poor little creeds and accept it joyously but seriously wherever we may find it. This exhibit offers an opportunity to open up the discussion of color among artists through the juxtaposition of historical and contemporary works.

Color Matters provides a hands-on experience for everyone to explore the complexity of color. An interactive three-dimensional color-wheel provides data on color theory, fun facts and tools that can be directly applied to viewing the artwork on the walls. Visitors can see how the use and language of color has changed over the years and how different artists use it.

Whether you are an experienced artist or avid gallery-goer, Color Matters, will impart “color” knowledge and stimulate your “eye.” Come see why color matters! For more information call 401-751-2628. The exhibit is free and open to the public.